The security system must protect, not to record how you kill

Tablet video intercom entry system – active safety for apartments and houses, which is also fun to watch (well, at a glance, exactly). Testing a new security device that fell into our hands, or rather, who want to take in hand: so it is light, thin, slick body! And this is alarming – well, it can't be security nice! Or is it another gadget-toy?...

Sale expensive tablets? When loaded with a choice: enter into Android or in Security surveillance systems. Out of habit choose the first, what do we see? Almost notebook Intel Skylake Core M 3-6Y30 900MHz-2.2 GHz, 8 GIG RAM, 128 flash, large screen 11.6 inch for GPU HD Graphics Gen7 with a resolution of 2048*1536 and other beef top tablets.

For the money that it is sold as intercom, it makes sense to buy it just as a tablet. This can afford to produce only in one country. Hence the disappointing assumption of "golimy China", and wait for the useful application of functions is not necessary. But we are not a computer firm, so the research still continue from the point of view of home security, the description of which he somehow got.

It's alive! Don't know what I felt the guy that downloaded security operating system, when it haven't set up cameras, but I almost dropped the tablet from her hands, looking far into space. Me, who since CCTV is professionally engaged in surveillance, it is difficult to surprise an image from the camera, but this action is impressive! At least in the beginning of the download when there is self-tuning systems: dozens of types of structural video detection flashes on the screen, scanning the images of the observed objects. And then when the video stream in your eyes suddenly born a little video with some interesting moment, caught by the hand". It's like attending births. No, more like an easel, painting without the artist, the type of surrounding landscapes themselves fall to the canvas.

In General, the mode of initial samonastro can be disabled, but the developers apparently knew that the device will be skeptical – turned inside on display. Only they didn't think that dust in the eyes of a specialist is even more skeptical: looks pantherina, grade "5" from Spielberg. Lana, drink coffee and continue...

I found the thief! Turning over a prepared Cup once again find that it is empty. Dub..., in less than a minute! Who is so bold in our office that steals my divine drink? A couple of weeks I suffered, but it's time to move on Bublikova – he doesn't respect me. Sorry, personal leave, continue to analyze what is stated in tablet analyzes the intercom video, sorry for the tautology.

Look at the screen: In the chamber, where there was coffee already stole everything to us! But Panel video Analytics is constantly spinning video with hand movements the moment as brazenly, no, it's not stealing, but simply culturally poured my coffee. Soften definition, because the hands from the girls. Double-clicking on them – unfolds in full view of the camera... And beautiful girls! Mate, it was personal, about our topic today: "plantation" is not just a recorded motion in the camera field of view, he defined and brought in a separate panel event which considered new or unusual (then we'll come back to these terms). If only recorded in the archive, I even climb up there wouldn't, but then right in front of you constantly on the screen turns the same clip, the girl takes my coffee (by the way, I don't mind). Everything is clear at a glance! Like love, sorry, again, spring, or summer? Wow!

Извините за бардак на столе!

In addition to showing the live cameras, tablet video phone (LDPE, omit the name) holds up to 1,000 most recent events on a scale with scrolling. Despite the mess at my workplace, with one look you can understand what is happening and has happened. The latter is very important for security, because now is always the time that no one NOW to stand in front of cameras will not make you immediately noticed him and called the police. It is more important to see the preparations which occur only briefly in front of the cameras, so to see them even a careful look at long-term looking unlikely.

Cut, zoom in and slow down! Fast movement PVD is not only recorded and looped, but was slowed two times to consider in detail the fine motor skills. If you have out-of-pocket for a second to take out the wallet, then the LDPE is seen slowly and in detail, what somersaults to emerge in the wrists. But this is minor compared to what is shown, not all 2 megapixel camera, where the hand and notice that it is difficult, but only that part of the screen where there is an unauthorized action. Naturally this zone takes place in the cell when you click your finger on it – and I see the video in full view of the camera.

This technology, which the manufacturer called "sculptural video" (like cut off all unnecessary), it's cool not only to attract attention, but also to save space on a small screen. Which is important for large monitors instead of 16-megapixel cameras, packaged in a matchbox, you show the same boxes, but with useful and understandable information.

Do not go into settings, you have to trust the car! In fact, I haven't looked at the inside – video processing technology themselves demonstrate no touching. I asked someone connected a camera set up to video Analytics and hard for these things? "Oh, no! The manufacturer does not recommend to change anything" - heard in response. Oh, this is constantly the Russian "Yes, no"! Here's what he said?

However, the settings all have a huge variety to their descriptions, you need to spend a year. But in the beginning of the instructions engraved: This system does not require any configuration, other than connecting the camera and selecting a good perspective for their review. All the settings are under administrator password and is intended for those who wish to expand staff capabilities and has the appropriate qualification in the field of security. Analytics tools based on self-learning!... At the first connection there may be some inaccuracies reactions is, over time, the algorithms will adapt to the pace of life at your facility. In this case, You can always change the level of risk Analytics in one direction or another by changing the position of the slider "Level of risk".

A lot of cameras, and any one! When you open the door to a friend or neighbor, in the conventional intercom only see the front. But on a couple of uninvited guests that will join with him. Now there are models of classic intercoms, can be connected in two and four chambers, but they are viewed only by switching. Given that the video is initialized immediately, to do this when you are waiting for loved ones, each time will not. For security purposes, it is very important to view the entire area where there is a caller to your door, at least from two sides under an angle of 90 degrees: the front and side.

Moreover, what is important is not the current time and the previous one. Conventional intercoms are included only on the call button and provide no Analytics to analyze the history of the "preparatory" events.

In order to safely exit the apartment or house, you need to view the entire path of movement from a private home to a public place. Most crimes are committed here, near you and far from witnesses. In the apartment building's stairs by the Elevator (both ways), entry, staircase, stairway in front of the apartment on two sides. In private home – all the way from the front door to the gate with the adjoining corners. In General, you need at least 4 cameras, and the cottage more.

Conventional intercoms limited resolution. The old format CCTV repeatedly inferior to megapixel cameras. If you close the entrance he justified it on the local area – just powerless. Do you want to hammer a nail into the ugliness of the equipment supplied to our market. They have almost all screens – entirely wide (9х16), and camera for them is a standard (3x4). Stretched image distorts the already Kaspersky picture. How this got used in Russia?

If we ignore all the intelligence of LDPE, then it is just a great video phone, because it connects any camera, including high resolution. Not only every possible aspect ratio, but vserazlichnyh panorama, clipping, blending. You build the interface by yourself. It is possible to show a long wall or the passage is not a set of separate cameras and a single video window – view, which greatly simplifies the understanding!

While we know that cameras often capture more than half of the useless area of the screen: at the top of the sky, below the grass, to the left someone else's mess. In the interface Tables it is possible to cut only the useful sites to view. This saves space on the screen, and save your attention to useless squares. You're not going to count the clouds? And they generally fall into a holistic solution, especially many-megapixel cameras. Summarizing the above, small screen covers a large area and just in case, as expressed by our admin.

It is safe to leave the house, I so want to! Again, ordinary intercom shows only after clicking call, when the screen is black. Of course, you will say that it may be included. But to do this every time before going out will not, so how people. The tablet in the normal functionality of the never – fading screen. Of course, it is possible to configure the event – if there's something important over the last, say, half an hour – in this case, before opening the door you see the screen and the latest developments on it. But what is the point of it at all to put out? It consumes a little Shine just like the lights in the hallway (to the night not to miss the door to the toilet), no noise, not annoying – just a little picture on the wall.

But passing you a glance dive into the history of the important events: who came to the door in the last day, how many returned daughter from a disco, with whom the son came home... a number of problems on the stage of their development, conceiving can be computed and solved. One wobbly stranger nearby is an accident. Several similar cases over the recent period – you graze. To find these moments, and most importantly – to bind together, in the Tablets there is the "Operational panel". And it is necessary to tell separately, there is a wealth of information as a simple movement of your finger you can build a criminal pattern in the next.articles).

Even doing nothing, when you exit, you will clearly see the whole history of recent events around your home or for your exit. No one will stand in front of the cameras, but no one will be able to hide, not going in front of cameras. These moments of hide-and-seek – is the most valuable in the implementation of video Analytics.

Hanging the screen directly in front of the entrance door, you can get all information random look, while unlock it. No unnecessary movements and researches – all been done for you!

It is safe to walk home, not to die with ustatku! Who would have thought that the action of the stationary system extends to the sunset outside. A special mobile application "GEO-alarm" specifies that you come to the house and warns you of potential hazards dropping video of the recent reactions is, if any. If not and the phone does not bother you, you know that no one in the house is not broke, the entrance is not hidden and your appearance is not waiting. Funny? Alas, according to statistics, 80% of murders happening in or around your home.

And made for a smart criminal. Tell all the functions of this portable device is impossible, it is necessary to spend a lifetime. And it was no joke Russian guys sculpt security algorithms is not the first decade. From China distinguishes them mentality – calculated "their" villains with a Russian gangster soul, they are neither machinery overseas catches. And, really, the more Chinese camera-eyes for glass doors.

Criminal situation can grow on an empty place, not only in the course of our preparations. In such a device, integrated behavioral logic that can analyze people's behavior and to react adequately, and, in the dynamic – all the time adjust to the new conditions. What does it mean? For me, the very fact that she is always willing to stay if he sees that the attacker gives up his criminal acts, and Vice versa – always ready to fight back if the bad guy did not understand the warnings.

In its setting it is simple to a fault: just choose listed in the database devices, give them human language from already prepared list, put also already prepared conditions for their implementation - and all in the spirit of the drop-down menu, where you just need to make a choice from the proposed description. But such programming is just only from the point of view of computer use, we need to understand how severe is the crime and how it differs from the passer, i.e. is CSI, which will develop a threat model.

Well, we exaggerate a little, for example, the algorithm chain described in the previous article, is quite simple – at least so claimed the local readers. Incidentally, the question was how to organize resistance, if you are attacked in your own apartment. In tablet the intercom just have the answer. In identifying such circumstances, can he explain to the villain what for, even if the owner is already tied and gagged. To speak with a human voice that records everything. To prove this, showing on your monitor the recording. Additionally include the TV – and still there to show that there was no doubt. Read sentimental lecture about how bad it is to be a bad boy. To activate self-defense device. And...

If anyone is interested, the following article can describe in more detail the user language behavioral logic!

The most that neither is true intelligence!

Well, it would be foolish to write such a long article, if in the end there was a bit of advertising, which allowed "regular customers". Only about intelligence – it was not advertising, he's really real.

If you are unable to program anti-crime algorithms or do not want to delve into all the intricacies of the criminal life, which turned out by chance – well, just live in Russia, at your service around the clock – Ipconfig. Permanently or to alert a person with real human intelligence will track the problem situation.

If necessary, he will inform your authorised persons or where it is necessary" that you need emergency assistance, negotiate with the attackers (the tablet has speakers), will carry out anti-crime event (the tablet has access to the devices of coercion).

If you need to open your door to strangers plumber, pre-click – Epicenters immediately connects to a controversial situation and will look at both cameras and video analysis. At night, this same tablet the intercom will be used to care for the car at home. In your porch or in your yard is always calm and quiet, if the cause will undertake Epicenters. Well, of course, not at once, in one of the articles we will explain how tenants were posting at the entrance pictures of hooligan elements who were identified by our operators. After a couple of months (this is long) outrages ceased. And steal the apples stopped after...

I hope we still got a lot to say, but on stage the promise of video Analytics and, if it is your desire, the behavioral logic.

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