Small video surveillance for a LARGE HOUSE

How to convert a huge area of control to clear meaning?

Coverage of perimeter, external, approaches, yards, entrances, exits, and important areas inside the home demand for video and processing are still serious capacity. But what they do understand if people will not sit in front of monitors and control what is happening?

And noisy computer does not deliver to residential areas. Until he reaches the basement – see who came, how was it from all sides - a good man would have gone by. Worthless powerful system for video surveillance and protection to turn into a heavy burden for the host!

To make your security convenient, even when large areas of control may easy tablet remote video surveillance "the Tablet". New technology broadcast he can get powerful computers only the result of data processing, short excerpts of video Analytics. So, nice little tablet covers hundreds of video surveillance cameras, giving the user only the important points.

Scheme of work for a small house, where server for video cameras can serve as a mini-computer

Scheme of work for big houses, where server for video cameras is a powerful server platform in the basement or in the attic

Before you leave home - you have a brief, but full information on all events in the County: those that happen and those that have recently been. A brief look at this intercom system provides security door-opening and passage to public areas. If someone bad a few hours before, hid in a secluded place under your tree, passing one of the hundreds of cameras on the fence, that fact will remain on the monitor. No, not the one under the tree someone is in front of the camera no to be no. And the one that someone crossed your perimeter, without which it is impossible to reach the tree. Let it was a long time ago and the camera can't see it, but for the "Tablet" time doesn't matter.

The tablet can stand, and before going to know what awaits you behind the door. And in the kitchen so my wife could control the children. And in the office to see your car. It is easy even to withdraw on a regular home TV to switch to view the object while watching a movie. Or just pick up.

Here is a convenient and stylish device that easily fits in a residential family environment. It is useful only what is convenient. The tablet is a very convenient video socket. Read more about the interface of communication with the person.

In addition, the Tablet operates independently and is fully Autonomous. She handles a small number of cameras, mostly related to issues of input / output, that's why it is called "intercom". It has its own good for the purpose of video Analytics. In the event of an emergency - failure of the main computer – this system of video-protection to assume the critical functions of home security. And during a power failure only to its own battery will last for a few hours.

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