A new class of consumer devices

From style to safety!

We learned not to blindly project a system for the protection of plants or offices in apartments and houses. Private residence imposes its own specifics. To even extremely useful technology has taken root in someone's house, it must become stylish.

And to this we've come a long way in developing and testing a large number of technological combinations. It was mini-computers, and video and monoblocks type "GRALE" - all the time in these devices was impossible, with all the evidence of use they did not take root. Or clutter the space, or noisy, or require a lot of movements... In a small space apartments every little thing is felt on an energetic level. Had to fit in with personal Feng Shui.

The unexpected decision was prompted on one forum. We are not convinced that it is necessary to put a powerful system of protection, we in contrast all the time led some children, at first glance, the idea at the base, as it seemed to us, gadgets – the tablets. Only after six months, stress test, we realized that the tablet is not a gadget. Working around the clock, it is not broken, not buggy, does not require turning off the monitor, even not heated, not whimsical to the power supply, moreover, holds it a few hours after a power outage. And most importantly - personal space – the tablet stylish, lightweight, super-thin – just feeds into the wall, nice.

Here you can even without epithets, all of whom showed the video surveillance system on the base plate, and ripped it from his hands. Now the queue of orders, so let's stop the bad news: while the delivery period is not less than a month. You have to understand that only 10% tablets are suitable for these purposes, we have chosen as a result of the tests are generally only three.

Despite its minimalism, collected on the basis of GOAL tablets have high enough power to display and record up to 8 megapixel camera to provide video Analytics and mobile access on phones.

On the screen in 2K (2048*1536) clearly shows each pixel megapixel cameras. And flexible interface, instead of the stupid Quad, allows you to choose the best angle view, areas video monitoring and a panoramic view.

Archive 128 GB is enough for storing a two-month archive of the foreign activity of foreign persons, plus it is possible to connect external USB drives and cloud storages.

Tablet intercom from SpecLab has built-in speakers to communicate with the owners, which makes it a pleasant conversationalist, able human being to explain to a potential threat. On LAN it can control and receive signals from any IP devices such as security, and system "Smart house".

But we haven't told the main! Tablet the intercom as best ensures the safety of the owners, the threats inherent to the apartments and private homes. Safe to leave so no one was waiting around the corner, it is safe to enter, one that does not included unnecessary, it is safe to open the door "plumber", not to get a traumatic brain injury, it is safe to put under the window of the car in time to notice the scratching the hood of a neighbor's safe to leave home, so that no one is a stranger did not pick up...

Of course, before you create some sort of protection home, our professionals have made the entire LIST of THREATS FOR HOME

In addition to the criminal problems can be solved and family. On the scale of history it is easy to control kids when they come home from school or from a disco. And not only when, but who. No need to go into heavy archives, intercom videoserotico tablet "the Tablet" shows all events at once. Is an innovative technology which demonstrate the past in the present.

A small stylish screen and not need to turn off, it does not consume a lot of energy, no noise and does not Shine – only creates a decorative lighting in the hall. Before opening the front door you immediately see all passages and exits to the outside, as well as the last period of activity. "My house – my fortress", but it is helpless when the gates are opened. The tablet provides you with information about all of the evil intent from the outside.

"Operational dashboard" is also included in the basic version of the tablet of a bodyguard, allowing you to work out the "strange situation", placing them under external control relatives, friends or the on-duty security service. Joins mobile technology "GOAL-mobile, transmits to the smartphone problem the video of the event.

It is the vigilant sentry, who sees everything and records everything, constantly analyzes and, if necessary, warns of danger. And, if you really need, calls for help! And now it is as glamorous as the one at the Royal Palace in Monaco.

Installation is not required - only installation of cameras. In the hallway takes place no more than usual intercom, works wirelessly – over Wi-Fi. It can be quickly be outweighed and out into the kitchen to supervise the children on the street while preparing lunch.

Взять на руки в гостиную, чтобы оживить в памяти последние события вокруг дома. Перевезти в отель на Майорку, где он также будет охранять вашу квартиру: придя с пляжа, вы увидите необычного парня в капюшоне, что осматривал ваши замки. У Скрижали нет границ дальности действия!

To take on hands in the living room to relive the recent events around the house. Transported to a hotel on Majorca, where he also will guard your apartment coming from the beach, you will see an unusual guy in the hood that were examined by your locks. The Tablets are no limits to the range!

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