There is not analogues yet!

When you touch this device, it feels like you control the outside world!

From the inside of your home, you can see in detail ,what is doing now and what happened earlier, around you. 


Moreover, reality (real video time) and history (past events) are shown together – in one glance covered a large period of time, which maybe used to prepare for the interference in your safety.


At least you know that behind a door or near around the corner nobody is waiting for you, or...!

Video Analytics constantly analyzes the situation, bringing to a display not only malicious intent, but also household information: where the children went, where the elderly relative is, who is at home now, what time did the daughter return yesterday…


Security must protect,
not just to record how you were killed!

Convenient channel of communication with the owner!

The problem of security systems in modern houses or apartments - the absence of their connection with the person. Security - by itself, it is writing something and even something defends, but where is it and how is, no one really knows. And the owner – by itself, he sees that some lights somehow blink, and the soul calms. Nobody interferes in the private life and video archives of each other, and this is considered an advantage of technology – you can sleep... (sounds farewell music).

Conventional intercoms just show, who is in front of the camera and only at the moment in call. Conventional CCTV systems just record who killed you. A conventional system videos all write and all erase – not most effective functionality. Conventional alarms are triggered only on explicit triggering of the sensor, provided that they were pre-activated. From all of this technology we are waiting for real help, but they does not even have a communication interface with us. DVR somewhere in the closet - we are somewhere in the kitchen. Lifeless buttons of the control units do not say us anything.

"Scridgel" in front of the eyes always! It shows the danger before her aggravation. And exactly in the form that we are accustomed to thinking. This is a documentary movie about us and our life in real and past time. The intercom tablet constantly writes and shows us scenes from the present life,where the screenwriters are your enemies, the director is a "Scridgel", and the audience is you and your family. The main thing to understand , that in this mini-cinema all real and you have only one life.

Almost any disease can be cured if detected in the early stages, almost any problem can be solved if noticed in time.All troubles have a stage of preparation and development . Now they can be diagnosed by the "

 This is a visual video Informer about everything that happens on the approaches to the house and around it. It is an intellectual wall that protects the inner space from the hostile outside world. Beautiful advertising, is that what everyone says? That's right, we are interested in You - as a buyer, no one else is interested in your safety.

Having set security alarms, people only lull their vigilance. In many countries the development of security systems are  directly proportional to the growth of crime. If You're not really experiencing anything, and you think this box with the lights, that stands in the corner and called the alarm, will help You, up to 90% say that it is useless. You and your security have to understand each other. This does not mean that we need to start to study electronics and criminology, communication must be at a level accessible to the consciousness of the child – people from childhood endowed with the instinct of self-preservation. The "Scridgel" clearly shows scenes from the life, not lights with alarm. Its interface is the absence of a technical interface, it is a video transmission of what is happening on a level that even a composer or a Bank employee can understand. Any aunt Glasha distinguish neighbor from somebody who has mask on the head, cutting the wire from the camera

PERMANENT vision appropriate reaction to everything that happens in the house, including you – that's a guarantee that a security system will work for the attacker. 

​But forcing the owner to look somewhere all the time is also not an option. Look at the right place should not be forced, but purely physiologically. Where does a person look before leaving the house? Naturally, in the direction of the door - there should be a video Informant.  This is why such a powerful security system is called an intercom-so that people associate it with the device that hangs on the exit in the hallway. It is here that the border between a happy family life and external danger passes.

Your home is your fortress only as long as not opened the gate! Your home is your fortress only as long as not opened the gate! 
Here, between the door and the public space (entrances, house territory) occurs more than 80% of serious crimes involving a threat to life and health. And it is the most unpleasant acts of violence, as the attackers get to your house and long - sometimes very long - tries to inquire, where are the values, even if they are not. Before you open the door, it is important to make sure the way is clear. And now you can do it at a glance. The "Scridgel" advance analyzes for the last few hours - days the situation and will warn and will clearly show what threats are waiting for you behind the wall.

Here we meet guests. It can be both unfamiliar and familiar people under duress and without – not to wonder whether they bear the risk, it is better to get help from the housekeeper "Scridgel". He is able to adequately bring into activity all the systems of warning and reaction, dynamically changing their logic depending on developments (chaotic search of values, unconventional behavior, the absence of evidence from the owner).

This intercom system is not necessary to be turned on or off, there should be no pauses in security! The tablet all the time analyzes and shows what is happening outside the perimeter and, if you really need, inside. 

This device consumes almost no electricity. Looks like a small picture on the wall. You should not even use the existing screen disable mode, and enable it only when potential threats appear. Let it work better as a night light in the hallway, but passing by, you will always be aware of events.

If the motto "forewarned is forearmed" does not work for you, the "Scridgel" will help in the case of the careless actions of the owner. Powerful behavioral logic can react to a dynamic threat. 


To see a lot in small things.

The more useful things we can cover with a single glance, the more effective video monitoring is! SpecLab intercom has the ability to connect megapixel cameras. And it is not a simple connection:  high resolution can eat up the entire area of even a large monitor, and to display not just one camera, but all the objects on a small screen, a specially developed flexible interface technology is used, which allows you to select a useful part of the image and fit it into a convenient viewing picture by the user.  You are not just given a squarer- screen divided into four parts, where nothing can be changed, where all the cameras are displayed only in their original form with all the problems of visibility on the object: with an extra capture of the sky, empty walls, unnecessary zones. And all the necessary angles are subtly selected based on a specific object – from a specific architecture and terrain folds. In fact, the host can draw their own interface-clear and convenient for them.

The location of all video Windows, cuts and zooms are arranged in any order, which allows you to create the most effective viewing angle of the most important video control zones on a small screen

In addition, the multi-window flexible interface allows you to create a panoramic picture – it shows the object and what is happening on the screen much more clearly than several separate cameras.


Sculptural video surveillance
.When there is a lot of controlled space, the greatest effect in the search for useful information is given by emphasizing the places of active traffic. From a large number of megapixel cameras, the Scridgel highlights the main thing to see, even small or low-contrast-something that you just can't see in normal viewing.

Find, highlight and zoom in, and then loop and leave on the monitor to aging events.

The emphasis of motion in low-contrast scenes.

The huge resolutions of megapixel cameras are usually reduced to a matchbox on small screens. Now you can see a useful component in the same box.

What does "understandable interface" mean? 

The best interface is the lack of an interface. The tablet intercom does not initially display any buttons or menus. All information is provided by the videos themselves, which the"Scridgel"  demonstrates. Movies from our life will understand any housewife without higher or even lowest education.

If you want to do some action, you should only point a finger on  that interested or a suspicious footage.

The monitoring of blind spots
Almost all CCTV systems, which are also intercoms, ignored the basic rule of crime: the Attacker will not stand in front of the camera!
No one is going to jail, so you won't see anyone in real time. But to get to the object, you can't avoid passing the camera, for example, at the entrance to the house or when forcing the fence. It is clear that the attacker then disappears into the folds of the terrain and natural barriers – you can not put a camera in every corner. But the fact of penetration of the object remains in the record. The main thing is to convey  it to the owner. If no one in the normal systems notices what's in the archives, the "Scridgel" keeps showing the latest events on the screen. Short looped videos are easy to notice, before opening the front door – and you are already notified!

контроль слепых зон

Video Analytiсs

Intelligent home security algorithms were created by the company-the founder of video analysis both in our country and in the world. Previously, they could only be installed on powerful computer video servers. Now technological development has reached small tablets, although not the simplest.  Powerful anti-criminal logic has come to the ordinary house.




Style, minimalism and the USE of
Intercom tablet easily fits into the interior hallway, kitchen or living room, becoming an active friend-servant who always has the answer to the question, who is where, where did the kids go, where the attacker was hiding, why come the postman three times a day...

One customer even found a rabid Fox in his yard of a private house 5 km from the city. She walked in circles and couldn't cross an ornamental pond. Come children walk and... don't know – what danger awaits you outside!



Tablet intercoms can be placed in several places and set up each for a selected range of problems. In the entrance hall-zones of passage of corridors and homesteads, in the kitchen-a children's playroom and Parking lot, in the office-technological nodes of functioning of household equipment (boiler, filter station, pool filter...), etc. All these video door phones can exchange information among themselves and even receive archives of more powerful systems for hundreds of cameras. Moreover, only video Analytics  can automatically collect data sgueezes.

The threat may be remote, its maturing are sometimes not immediately notice a glance - tablet Videophone is useful in that it is pleasant to take in hands and in a comfortable chair to view who constantly stayed close to the front door, looking in your windows, what time children return home, what friends visit the house, what items relatives bring with them, what things are taken out by governesses.. And it's all easy to embrace a simple scroll Bar events. 


If you are using a tablet only stationary, it does not deprive you of mobility. IP video intercom "the Tablet" is an intellectual information processing center and transferring it to mobile phones via the technology of physiological alert Gm2, designed also in SpecLab.



Work with potentially dangerous situations
All threats do not put the reed switch, often need someone from outside to monitor your insecure entrance with a stranger, opening a door to a stranger, suspicious behavior of friends... If a criminal gets in your house, that horror has no limits: you long – very long time will ask to show where values, even if they are not, and no one will come to help.

But if before opening the door to a stranger press the button or even make a "secret maneuver" as the control to connect the closest person with a phone or a specialized service, for example, Ipconfig. 




Home statistics
All inputs and outputs, and other events tied to the exact time, so you can do some statistics, for example, calculate weekly time you spent on exercise. Or how much time children spend at home, or as often walk the dog, or how many times a month comes a tutor...