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SpecLab is a leader in the development and production of security systems. The beginning of the activity coincides with the beginning of digital video, which made a huge contribution to the development of the first plat of the digitization of the first software versions for the video, first algorithms for video Analytics, the first behavioral logic. SpecLab is always at the forefront of the best quality, the greatest functionality and maximum forensic soundness. 

The company Spetslab 20 years specializiruetsya on video analysis, but used intelligent algorithms were available only on powerful computer servers. And only now, with the development of tablet PCs, capable of supporting video Analytics, home security has become so effective because it combines two elements: capacity and convenience. No super technologies will not survive in a private dwelling, if they are not comfortable.

Referring to the use of "the Tablet" - this is the usual Wi-Fi, intercom, and wireless technologies with simple touch controls, intuitive in its interface because it has no interface, there is only the life that is displayed in the short video, which is important for the home owner.

Although he is inside a powerful computer with video analysis, video recording, behavioral logic, with a mobile alert and a massive array of features, its called an INTERCOM, because the space in front of the front door, where the border begins with an aggressive outer world, is the most correct for him. And the most useful for the security of the host.

On the market products of the company "SpecLab" known under the trademark GOAL. "SpecLab" will pay attention "Video analysis" and the development of IP solutions and technologies for video processing. On the basis of decisions and technologies "SpecLab" it's easy to create an integrated digital security system and video surveillance systems of any scale and complexity: from apartments, offices to large industrial enterprises and safe city.