Additionally, you need to have a Wi-Fi router, almost all types of cameras and additional devices if you plan to use them.

For mobile options the Internet connection.



Any IP camera connected to any Wi-Fi router via network cable LAN. Intercom tablet gets video and other signals over Wi-Fi coverage is the same as the router, and anywhere availability of this network. Including the Internet if there is the forwarding of the access from outside.


Wireless IP cameras need only a power supply. They transmit video and other signals on a tablet video door phone via Wi-Fi router, only wirelessly LAN. Tablet gets video intercom by Wi-Fi coverage is the same as the router, and anywhere availability of this network. Including the Internet if there is the forwarding of the access from outside.


Standard camera old but still useful format, digitized IP video server and Wi-Fi as well as IP cameras, transmit video and other signals (audio, sensors, keys) on the screen.


Data formats before the Wi-Fi router are appropriate according to the type of DVR, and in standard IP protocols, also referred to by tablet the intercom.


Tablet video door phone from SpecLab compatible with a large list of security devices and household equipment, it is possible to organize a scenario for the automation. Depending on the Protocol type, can be connected by IP, or USB with Converter to RS-485/USB.


To have access to internal video entry phone from the Internet or tablet to associate itself intercom with cameras from other buildings of the city, you should connect the router to the line the Internet of the provider.

To receive video data and control security systems on mobile devices, such as on the phone should also be connected to the Internet

Frequently asked questions:

Which wires you need to pull?
Tablet video phone only works via radio Wi-Fi installation work on the laying of special cables required, it requires only a 5V power supply with mini-USB connector.

Do I need a UPS?
A few hours after disabling the power grid Tablet can hold by its own battery. If in your region there are cases of prolonged shutdown, only in this case it makes sense to strengthen energy independence.
And no matter what the video camera will stop working, on the screen of the Tablet will remain the latest developments, including the reasons for the power outage. It is desirable that one of the cameras captured an overview of the outdoor electrical panel. 

Is it possible to use a camera already installed video surveillance system?
Most IP cameras supports the connection of multiple video streams of the query, so the same camera can be used by multiple video monitoring systems simultaneously, and with different codecs and resolutions of the frame. 

Can I use the camera from the Tablet for other purposes, such as viewing over a network or the Internet?
The previous rule works in the opposite direction. You can use each camera together with the other task to connect to a phone or to display on the WEB. Will only add that in the Tablet include more convenient services remote receiving video than standard viewing. Especially for phones and especially anxious moments. 

Is there sound, is it possible to use the Tablet as an intercom?
The staff there, but we do not recommend or included without prior approval in the set this feature for two important reasons:
1. The mere existence of the speakerphone allows a caller at the door to hear the room inside the building: the talk hosts, the cries of children, replica adjacent... We believe, does not need anyone from outside to know what's going on inside, especially the fact that there are children.
2. Audio communication over IP, especially for Wi-Fi is always connected with time delays, which makes an expensive IP intercom to an unpleasant product. We therefore recommend to negotiate to use the good old better or the new stylish intercom handset, which may increase the total cost somewhere in the thousands of rubles. Naturally, the camera of the call panel should be brought to the intercom "the Tablet".







For remote talk with the visitor are additionally better to use prefix GSM intercom, which provides audio communication via the voice channel of the GSM without any delays. You will communicate with the visitor in a usual mode, without asked who said what. This will appear live on the phone who came. IP delay on the video here is not critical, they do not affect communication. The tablet allows you to give video directly to Mogilny phone owner. mobile app video phone.


Which IP camera should I choose?
It is appropriate to put the question is not what, but how? Because most IP cameras that are on the market, supports IP intercom "the Tablet" on the universal or specialized protocols. Unfortunately, it happens that some products work unstable, therefore we recommend to thoroughly test their work, at least during the week. Here you can find a list of integration that was tested by our experts. If it is not already purchased cameras, this does not mean that they will not work well, but we are in the realities of the Russian market, where it can be.

When choosing IP cameras also recommend that you consider the IP delay. A slight lag of video from real-time unobtrusive (to the second), although the use of any IP devices that need to be reconciled. But there are IP cameras, where the delay is 3 seconds or more. First decide if it will suit you – from a security point of view this option does not impose any restrictions in this case – home security. But, if you find this question uncomfortable, then ask the seller IP camera – how many milliseconds is a constant delay in the issuance of video footage? Unfortunately, this factor still does not describe producers and is calculated only practical observation. In addition, the video delay may occur in network devices due to different caching. However, as a rule, it is not critical who used to work with digital video that is already accepted. 

Can I turn on the video system IP intercom the Tablet in General, a home network, including Wi-Fi?
From the point of view of IP is no problem. But you should understand that during peak loads, if, for example, is pumped via the Internet large amounts of data type of movies, local network, too, can fall in terms of bandwidth, which can affect the speed of a video, obtained or given for the same IP network intercom. Therefore, home network we suggest (only suggest) to put the router in which you configure the guaranteed traffic from IP cameras to IP-intercom.

In all cases, the Wi-Fi router should be put individually to the IP video intercom in conjunction with their cameras, because this channel is so limited compared to "wires". Well, remember that heavy data from other Wi-Fi devices can reduce the speed of the video. You should also know that Wi-Fi is distributed in a heterogeneous environment - the air, which can lead to a rare mini-delay communications, as expressed in the freezing video for a few moments. All this especially not affect the quality of security, but we as manufacturers are required to convey to the client the full information.

The tablet is still limited to the number of cameras (4 to 8), whether it can work in conjunction with a more powerful video surveillance systems (under the cameras), to obtain from them the disturbing video highlights or other data?

In this sense the Tablet is a smart dock with a powerful video surveillance system GOALcity that it is possible to have dozens or hundreds of cameras. If a separate PC to put somewhere in the basement or the attic, not to noisy, the Tablet can get from this number of chambers analytical distillations. Someone appeared in front of the camera N23 – on Tablet left the movie with a man who walked past her. Thus on a small tablet, you can control the situation, supplied from hundreds of cameras. And this is a great option for large homes or courtyards, the huge square is easy to control on a small device.

The tablet is able to powerful computers with only the video or the files too?

This tablet by its architecture is a full-fledged computer and almost full analogue of the GOALcity, with only limited computing resources due to their minimalism. But all that fits in the channel Wi-Fi, you can pump on the view from cameras and other computers. It is clear that it difficult to lose 16 synchronized video audioarchives at the same time, but to view cameras in charedi or in small groups from a network of archives it is possible, and moreover, it is very convenient, sitting on a cushioned chair. Some models of tablet video surveillance systems also allow to display their screen on household TVs.

On the Tablet it is possible to do and export of the investigated periods of records, send the clips to dig into the Analytics and much more.